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USA Storm Chasing Tour
- May 2024 -

The Adventure of a lifetime!



Every Spring, the center of the United States is hit by intense atmospheric instability, due to the clash of hot humid air masses with cold dry air masses. In that period, the thunderstorms that forms there can quickly evolve to severe storms, resulting in the almighty supercells, capable of generate all kinds of extreme severe weather, since big hail, to severe lightning storms and tornadoes.

So, usually this is the best time for those who are passionate by these phenomenons, to go to the world famous Tornado Alley and experience all the adrenaline rush caused when we are before these powerful weather events. Furthermore, it's a period that allows for capturing astonishing photographs, fantastic timelapses and epic videos, so it's a place where many photographers and videographers from all over the world, wants to be.

For these reasons and after 5 years storm chasing in the USA, ExtremAtmosfera is organizing this "USA Stormchasing Tour", to allow that people who dreams to live these Tornado Alley storm chasing emotions, can fullfill this dream with us.


  • Registration will open soon. Limited spots. Contact us if you're interested.

  • Number of days chasing: 15

  • Available Dates:

    • Tour #1: 20th May to 3rd June - SOLD OUT!

    • Tour #2: unavailable 

  • Each guest must land in Denver airport the day before the beggining of the tour, to join us. The return day would be the day before the last tour day, on the afternoon

  • During the chasing days, we could travel across many USA States, from South Texas to all the way to Nebraska

  • The last day chasing will also be the day to return to Denver



  • 2.900 EUROS



  • An 11 place van, for all to have enough space to be confortable, and for the bags and gear

  • Gas, tollways an van insurance expenses

  • The experience of storm chasing with us for 15 days in Tornado Alley

  • Daily briefings with forecasts and target decision

  • Photography and video practical Workshop (with some help, tips and suggestions to capture the storms)



  • Plane fares to and from Denver

  • Meals

  • Lodging while in USA


To signup and reserve a place, you should:

  • Pay a first deposit of 1.000 EUROS, with the reservation

  • Pay the rest 1.900 EUROS until the end of March 2024

In case you are interested in living with us this once in a lifetime adventure, please contact us in the Form below. We are waiting for you for 15 truly unforgettable days!

















If you have any questions, please see our FAQ's

Contact us to Signup or for more information!

Thank you for your message!

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